Presentation of new comparative findings on occupational trajectories at the 30th annual workshop of the European Research Network on Transitions in Youth (TiY) in Edinburgh

8 September 2023 | News

European Research Network on Transitions in Youth (TiY) brings together researcher studying the transitions of young people as they progress towards adulthood; with a main focus on school-to-work transitions, longitudinal and comparative analyses. The TiY annual workshops, organized in early September, are an opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge with scholars with similar research interests and expertise. The theme of this year’s workshop, organized by the Moray House School of Education and Sport in collaboration with the Advanced Quantitative Research in Education Hub at the University of Edinburgh, was „Inequalities in Youth Transitions within and across Countries: New Insights for Policy”. The presentation by Katarzyna Kopycka, Anna Kiersztyn and Remigiusz Żulicki assessed the scarring effects of fixed-term employment experienced in the first years of young peoples’ careers on subsequent wage and occupational status trajectories in Germany, Poland, and the UK. Our study is one of the few to investigate whether the penalties for fixed-term employment are moderated by the social background of individuals. During the discussion we received many valuable comments regarding our preliminary findings. We are looking forward to sharing the other CNB-Young results during the next TiY workshop in September 2024, which will be organized at the Univeristy of Warsaw.

More information on the workshop is available here.