Presentation by Anna Kiersztyn and Katarzyna Kopycka in a COST meeting in Lisbon

24 May 2022 | News

Last week Anna Kiersztyn and Katarzyna Kopycka participated in an inspiring meeting of the YOUNG-IN Working Group (WG) 1 on “Youth labour market vulnerability”, in Lisbon (19-20 May 2022). YOUNG-IN WG1 is a network of researchers studying the causes and consequences of young people’s disadvantaged labour market position. During the meeting they discussed the first results of a cross-national study using the longitudinal Cross National Precarity Index CNPI in a presentation entitled “The effects of precarious work for subjective well-being – does the institutional context matter? A comparison of Germany, Poland and the U.S.” The meeting organizers were: Michael Gebel, University of Bamberg (Germany); Marge Unt, Tallinn University, IISS (Estonia); Vasiliki Deligianni-Kouimtzi, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and Magda Nico, University of Lisbon ISCTE (Portugal).

[Photo by Michael Gebel]