Participation in the Social Boundaries of Work 2022

23 May 2022 | News

On May 19-20, the Social Boundaries of Work 2022 conference took place in Lublin. During the conference, we had the pleasure to present two papers.

During the first day of the conference, Stefan Bieńkowski from our team presented a paper “Between safety and self-realization – meaning of work in narrations of young Polish data analysts” which concerned the post-Fordist ideology of work among data analysts with non-standard employment.

On the second day of the conference prof. Anna Kiersztyn, dr. Katarzyna Kopycka and Viktoriia Sovpenchuk presented a paper “Do non-standard labour contracts entail employment precarity? A comparison of Poland, Germany, and the US”. During the presentation, we presented our approach to employment precarity and provided a quantitative assessment of the degree to which various types of non-standard labour contracts are associated with precarious employment careers in three countries representing contrasting institutional regimes: Poland, Germany, and the United States.