First CNB-Young Advisory Board online workshop: a discussion on how to measure and harmonize employment precarity

24 June 2021 | News

On Wednesday, June 23, the first of a series of online workshops of the CNB Young team with the Advisory Board took place. The project Advisory Board joins together scholars from the research teams of the panel surveys included in CNB-Young with specialists in the field of ex-post quantitative data harmonization.

At the meeting, we discussed the theoretical and methodological challenges and pitfalls related to defining and operationalizing employment precarity for the purpose of quantitative analysis and cross-national comparisons. The CNB-Young team presented a proposal for a sequence-based approach to the comparative measurement of precarity developed within the project to guide the data harmonization efforts. The proposed structure of the CNB-Young panel dataset stemming from the project was also presented and discussed.

The meeting was attended by the entire CNB-Young team and members of the Advisory Board: Edith Aguirre, Elizabeth Cooksey, Markus Grabka, Gundi Knies, Dean Lillard, and Kazimierz Słomczyński. You can read more about the members of the Advisory Board here.