CNB-Young team at European Survey Research Association ESRA 2023 conference in Milan

21 July 2023 | News

ESRA hosts its main conference on survey methodology every two years to bring together a large international group of scholars: methodologists and statisticians, as well as researchers who use survey data in their analyses. The theme of this year’s conference is “Survey Research in Times of Crisis: Challenges, Opportunities and New Directions.” It provides an excellent forum for presenting the solutions developed in the CNB-Young project for comparative analysis of national panel survey data.

During the conference Zbigniew Sawinski gave two papers on methodological innovations in harmonizing data from panel surveys: the first, “General framework for harmonizing data from panel surveys. “General framework for harmonizing data from panel surveys,” on Tuesday, July 18, while the second, “Controlling recall bias with the Retrospective Distance Scale (RDS) in longitudinal surveys: application to the Polish Panel Survey POLPAN the U.S. NLSY97 panel survey” – on Wednesday, July 19. Also on Wednesday, Katarzyna Kopycka presented a paper entitled “Overcoming the Pitfalls in Comparative Measurement of Precarious Employment: the Longitudinal Cross-National Precarity Index and its Application to German and U.S. Panel Data”. More information on the ESRA 2023 conference can be found here.