Cross National Biographies
Comparing precarious employment across countries

CNB-Young meeting in Berlin

On March 2-3, 2020, Anna Kiersztyn, Katarzyna Kopycka and Viktoriia Sovpenchuk from the CNB-Young team took part in a meeting with Advisory Board member Markus Grabka from the SOEP team.

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CNB-Young researchers at the final conference of the PREWORK project

The final conference of PREWORK, a research project which studies the life strategies and political attitudes of young precarious workers in Poland and Germany, took place on February 11th, 2020 at the Warsaw School of Economics. Among the invited discussants was dr hab. Anna Kiersztyn, who commented on some of the results of the PREWORK project, concerning the strategies for coping with employment precarity and the ways in which precarious workers locate themselves within the social structure.

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Discussion on the CNB-Young methodology at the POLPAN Seminar

At the POLPAN Seminar on November 26th, dr. hab. Anna Kiersztyn presented a talk entitled “The Dynamics of Youth Employment Precarity: A Proposal for Harmonizing Life-course Panel Data.” The presentation was followed by an interesting discussion, during which members of the Polish Panel Survey and Survey Data Recycling project teams offered valuable feedback on the theoretical and methodological framework of CNB-Young.

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